Friday, June 18, 2010

A New Puppy...

Thanks to my friend and mommy blogger Mary Nichols for the post.

The kids finally talked me into getting a dog by saying the magic words: home security alarm system. With all the wisdom that a ten-year old boy and an eight-year old girl—extensive in the case of these two—they convinced me that a barking dog was the best defense for just about anything. They were on my back all day while on the computer showing me pictures of dogs. “Click Here! Click here!” They kept yelling. We must have spent two hours looking at dogs on the web. The fact that our neighbors were trying to unload a litter of mutts was simply coincidental. And bringing one of the pups into the house to lick my chin was a stroke of genius. How could I possibly resist all that logic, convenience, and cuteness?

So Brutus moved in and immediately began performing his “alarm” duties. No burglar in his right mind would have gone near our home for those first three weeks that Brutus was with us. Talk about a set of lungs…this puppy could bark non-stop for hours at a time and at a nerve-jarring pitch. It was a wonder he didn’t go hoarse.

But he’s been with us for a couple of years now. Whether or not he’s scared away any intruders, I can’t say. But he’s settled down, barking only when someone comes to the door or when the meter reader crosses the backyard. Don’t tell the kids, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything now, no matter how well—or badly—he does his “job”.


  1. It seems like our dogs "job" is to steal the cat food!

  2. Those puppies are just too cute! I want one! Really -- right up until it needs trained or cleaned up after, then not so much.

    Any more skunk encounters at your place?

  3. LOL! I LOVE puppies! But MINE is responsible for MY post today! ... no more puppies... Melli doesn't train them well!

  4. I'm subscribed to the daily puppy email and I tell you, it does horrible things to me since I very much want a dog again. But until we get a fence, it has to wait :(


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