Thursday, June 24, 2010

A letter is missing...

This evening, I just can't (double-u)in.

First, I had to shut my a/c off because Sha(double-u)n Carr (double-u)as doing (double-u)ork in the yard (double-u)ith a sa(double-u) and it (double-u)as miking my a/c go (double-u)onky.

Then, as I (double-u)as (double-u)orking on my posts, the po(double-u)er (double-u)ent out. Yes, I paid the bill.

So, a little later the po(double-u)er came back on. (uppercase double-u)e sat outside for a little longer to let the rooms cool.

(uppercase double-u)hen I came back to my computer, my (double-u) key stopped (double-u)orking.

I never kne(double-u) ho(double-u) hard it is to (double-u)rite (double-u)ithout a (double-u).


  1. ROFLMAO!!! Too funny and brilliant to do this. BTW make sure you check my blog tomorrow :) WOOT!!!

  2. What a riot you are! I never would have thought of this and I would probably just have found a W online and copied/pasted it every time I needed it and cussed the entire time!

  3. You are brilliant. I never would have thought of this (upper case double u cracked me up)! I probably would have just copied/pasted a W from off the net and cussed the entire time I was trying to compose.


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