Monday, November 16, 2009

No Flies Fleas on Me...

It's no secret that my family has pets, probably too many. Just now we are keeping two birds, seven rabbits, a cat and a dog. While I love all our pets, I do not love all the work or the costs associated with them. Our pets are generally happy because we all spoil them. We all let the cat and dog on the furniture and fleas are not an option. So I was psyched when I found a place to get the cheap pet meds I need.

So, I battle fleas year round. I do this because I am lazy. It's easier for me to do a little work once a month, instead of a lot of work once or twice a year. So today, I was checking out the vet medicines website . While I didn't hear any music on the site, I did find everything I use to battle fleas, at a decent discount. I like that.

I use three different products to kill fleas, topical treatments such as Frontline Plus or Advantage flea , carpet sprays and yard sprays. Used properly, they all work very well. But fleas being what they are, you need to keep up on flea control year round. And I like choices. Sometimes I like to change things up a bit to give the fleas a run for their my money. I usually use something from the pet store nearby, but at vet medicines I found some carpet treatments I'm really interested in, for less than what I pay at the pet store. The topicals are great at killing fleas in all stages of their life cycle, so I was pleased to find the vet meds site offers a Frontline Plus discount . Using Frontline ensures fleas don't keep reappearing on the pet and then relocating to me! By using a topical treatment, spraying the carpets and the areas where the dog and cat sleep, and treating the yard, I've been quite successful in keeping fleas off the pets and me!


  1. I did this in Vegas. I was the only one ion my neighborhood whose pets didn't have fleas. You can't just hit them in one area. If you want to keep the fleas down you can't give them any respite.

  2. I always name the fleas.

  3. I use all that stuff too -- but the past to Autumns we have had MAJOR flea infestation anyway! They're gone now... and DAMMIT they are gonna STAY gone! LOL!

  4. I battle fleas all the time, too. I go to the neighborhood Lowe's or Home Depot and get 'spectracide' spray and I spray the p--s out of the house and yard. Then the 'in the house' kitties then get treated with once a month Frontline. I can't catch all the others who aren't allowed in the house, so it's an ongoing battle. It's costly, too. Fortunately, this time of the year, I don't have too many fleas...the weather has finally cooled off!


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