Monday, November 16, 2009

You Tell Me...

Nessa brought us this game:

I have done or experienced all of the following except one. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to let me know here in the comments which experiences we have in common and tell me which one you think I have never experienced. There is no prize for guessing correctly which item is not true because I am cheap. Then, make up your own list on your own blog. Look for the bogus entry on tomorrow’s post.

1. I have traveled from sea to shining sea.
2. I was there when someone died.
3. I was there when someone was born.
4. I had 4 different rental cars in a 24 hour period.
5. I drank Southern Comfort until I threw up.
6. I visited Hale Telescope.
7. I had an operation when I was in second grade.
8. I have tested the patience of my mother - in - law.
9. I allowed my kids to smoke and drink before they were of age.
10. I was chased around the house by a lunatic with a meat cleaver.


  1. #1. Ha! I was there for part of this! ;)
    #3. I bet your kids are glad to hear that!
    #5. Who hasn't?
    #8. Who hasn't?
    #9. Might as well. They were going to do it anyway. You did. I did.

    The wrong answer has to be #2, #4, or #10 -- I am hoping it was #10, but probably not, huh?

  2. We have 2,3 and 5 in common and half of 9. I think #8 is fake. Do MIL's patience count? just kidding. Sheesh.

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  3. We have 1 in common if it's within the US. I know 10 is true. Quilly talks alot LOL. Ooops but seeing her response to this...did I just dream what I think about that. LOL I'm going to guess number 4 myself. I find that hard to believe :)


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