Monday, November 23, 2009

Martha and I were hanging around the shop one afternoon in September. We were having a good time discussing a horror movie we both looked at. The discussion went from movies, to the ghost hunter shows on tv, to supernatural occurrences we'd heard about. In short, we freaked ourselves out. We got up from our bench quickly. I began to water plants and Martha decided to clean up around the shop a little. That's when I noticed this stunning hibiscus. We both agreed it should be forever immortalized on film.

Ruby Tuesday is brought to you by Mary


  1. Almost blood red. Nice segue.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Turkey Butt

  2. Gorgeous! Nature almost always sooths my fear -- until the sun goes down, then I want 4 walls and a roof!

  3. Beautiful! I do enjoy Ghost Hunters but it is so easy sometimes to freak ourselves out. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. All ruby flowers—
    hibiscus, chrysanthemum—
    keep my fears at bay.

    My Ruby Tuesday


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