Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Long Walk, A Scary Ride and Two Impressive Introductions...

Coronado Springs is a sprawling resort.

We walked around this beautiful lagoon to reach our room at the far reaches of the place. We thought we had a teeeny bit of luggage. During the trek, we realised just how heavy it really was.

We reached the room completely overheated but happy to finally be able to ditch our bags. Orlando was experiencing record high temperatures during the few days we were there. While I despise hot, I loved our room. The beds had pillow top mattresses and down comforters that were encased in a super soft duvet. Each bed had four pillows and a round bolster thingy. The sink and bathroom were separated from the room by big brown doors that slid together.Pleased with our new digs,we explored Coronado Springs enough to find the gift shop, restaurants and bus stops.With that done we hopped a bus and headed for Animal Kingdom.

I found the day to be broiling hot and quite humid. But I got over it as we traveled though the park taking pictures and discussing our plan for the afternoon and evening.We agreed on making the trip to Epcot to see Illuminations after we toured Animal Kingdom. I like Animal Kingdom, but its huge. A lot of walking. As we traveled, we came upon this.

Some would say Expedition Everest is tame for a thrill ride. Others are terrified by it. Pauline told me it was a piece of cake. I believed her. Once I recovered from the terror of Expedition Everest, we continued on to Flights of Wonder where we were introduced to this Eurasian Eagle Owl.

There were a bunch of great birds featured in Flights of Wonder but my favorites were the Eagle Owl and this guy, the Bald Eagle.

Pauline and I messed around Animal Kingdom til 5 when the park closed for the evening. We decided on dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. Once we had consumed large amounts of food, we didn't have enough energy to make it over to Epcot for Illuminations. We headed back to the room and as we walked the pathways of Coronado Springs we were treated to this vista.

We began our day at 3am and by 6:30pm we were quite done in. We checked out the quiet pool adjacent to our room and hit the sack.

More later...


  1. Nice, love the sunset! I want to go!

  2. Stunning photos! I so wish I could have joined you. Someday I will!

  3. Oh it looks lovely! IF I ever go back to Disney, I will make a point of going to Animal Kingdom... it was something we did not do the last time we were there. I'm actually not sure if it was even OPEN yet...


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