Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I heard the lonesome whistle blow...

...from my doorstep.

Edaville has a steam locomotive on loan from Boothbay Railway. When she arrived the other day, we were all excited and rushed to welcome her. I was sort of sad she went directly to the car shop, to rest I guess from the journey.

Today, as I was traveling Meadow Street, I saw they had the little engine out, running around the track. I called Tam and we made arrangements to meet on Meadow, to take pictures...

I rushed home a little faster to get the camera. I drove into the driveway and bolted to the steps. I thought I heard something and paused. I heard the train whistle.

I'm not sure how far away from here Edaville is, but I would say, less than 2 miles. It's been a while since a steam engine has run at Edaville and I'm happy there will be one this year. I'm even more happy it can be heard from my house.

So, I snatched up my camera and sped back to Meadow Street. I didn't see Tam anywhere, so I continued on to Pine and planned to head into Edaville. I hoped to catch the engine at the station so I could get some close ups. I met up with Tam coming from the front gate. She said they had just left the station. I went to DinoLand, jumped out and positioned myself just inside the gate to get some shots as the little engine passed by the pond on the first part of her trip around the track.

I pushed the button to turn the camera on. My heart sank when I looked down to see the message: LOW BATTERY - POWER OFF.

I didn't get any pictures today, But Dana did. Go here to see them.


  1. Boo for low battery on camera...I was having photo issues too the other day. I went walking and we came pretty close to a deer but most of my shots ended up blurry, dag-nabbit!

  2. Drat that camera, anyway! Should I send you batteries for Christmas?

  3. Steam engine! i just asked Amoeba if we could come for Christmas. He said we are not traveling over the holidays! Bah humbug.

  4. Awwwwww, how cute....Ahhhh, steam engines and whistles......dreamy.....wish I was there, too.

    Sorry about the camera batteries, tho, maybe next time, hmmmm?


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