Friday, November 5, 2010


Pauline and I had a fabulous time in WDW. We messed around in the parks, we ate way too much and we laughed a lot. Both of us were very sad to come home and both of us are dreaming about the time we will be able to return. Needless to say, Pauline and I are die-hard Disney fans.

Today and today only, I am going to do something I never do, ever. I am going to share a picture of me. Do not make fun of me!

I hate it when people take my picture. But I subjected myself to this because I knew when Pauline and I saw the photos we would have a good laugh!

All I can think of when I see this picture is what a great time we had and how much fun Pauline is! She really made the trip the best it could be!

So what say  Pauline?
When are we going back???


  1. Hmmm no one commented. I will....

    Your geeks! I am so glad I am free of that Disney obsession gene that goes thru this weird family.


  2. I bought a new Disney shirt this weekend. Amoeba will grit his teeth when he sees it. I will smile at him.

    I forgot how tiny Pauline is. It really shows in this picture! Whose her little friend there on the right? And what did the two of you do with mum while you went gallivanting?

  3. is pauline tiny or am i huge? that's the real question...mum stayed home by herself and she seemed to be fine. she retrieved us from the airport and the dog was very happy to see us!


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