Sunday, November 21, 2010

OK, I'll bite the bullet....

...and put the heat on in the house.

Coming home at night from cold Edaville to a cold house is beginning to be a total bummer.
And my birds are protesting. They want warm.
So I guess it's time....


  1. Just wear more clothes.

    And buy bird hoodies.

  2. hahah maybe if ya didn't wear shorts in the winter time ;)

  3. I broke down on my birthday in October. :) all and all, it has been mild so far though.

  4. Guess I can't complain....Curmudge is complaining it's cold...wants the heat on...nope, put more clothes on.. It's still mild in AZ too. Nice days, chilly nights..but then when does it ever get truly cold in AZ?


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