Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving...

and yes I am thankful for stuff.

But Thanksgiving is always a weird day for me. Go to dinner, eat, ruminate, have fun with fam, go home.

Then what? Generally, there is no one to hang out with because people don't hang out on holidays. There's always the movies, but I refuse to pay for a movie ticket when I have so much cable at home.

In the past, stores were shut tight. Closed up. Everyone home enjoying or fighting with their families. One would think that the people who fight with the family would lobby for the store to be open so they would not have to spend it with the family. Whatever.

This year, I think some stores around here are open. Weird. Is that because the fighters got their way? Or is it because the economy is so bad, the store needs the extra 12 hours to try to pluck money from us we don't have?

At any rate, I'm going to dinner at Mum's. When I get home, I may watch all 10 episodes of Boardwalk Empire on onDemand. In a row. Without stopping.

Oh, I may stop for a turkey sandwich...


  1. Wish I were there! Then you could t6ake me for a drive after dinner and show me all of the places you would love to take me if only they were open!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Massachusetts branch of the family.

  2. Wish I was there, too.. At least we wouldn't fight. It seems I've cooked a big dinner for two, as our invited friends have all decided not to come over. Oh well, more for me, more for Curmudge and we'll definitely enjoy it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the branchs of the family where ever they are today.

  3. I'm already home from dinner, and surfing the deals. 20 years in reatil prevents me from shopping on Thanksgiving. It goes against everything I believe in.

    On the bathroom post. I think our leak was in the seal of the toilet. No matter how many times we replaced it it would still leak. Come to find out that the floor was rotten under the tile. We ripped it all out down to the floor beams, and leveled the new subfloor, tiled, then installed the new toilet. The key to a good bathroom reno is to rip it all out and start over. It took 3 straight days to gut the entire bathroom. We did it when we were going out of town so we wouldn't need the bathroom right away and the grout could set. Honestly, if we hadn't been going out of town, I would have rented a hotel room so while we worked on it, we had someplace to "go"... and the kids could play in the pool. :)


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