Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dirty Hands and Domain Checks...

I attended a greenhouse convention today. Gretchen, Mike, Margaret and I took in a seminar dealing with what makes a retail garden center popular and profitable. The seminar ran about 5 hours. Beforehand, each of us was concerned we might be bored stiff, but it was a great seminar and very informative.

One of the main topics of the seminar was communication. How do retail garden centers communicate to their customers? This doesn't necessarily mean the act of speaking to a customer, but by what methods do we communicate information to our customers. There are numerous ways to get the job done, but the seminar focused on marketing tools such as print ads, email blasts, radio spots, t.v. ads, articles in local newspapers, press releases, social networks and websites. What interested me most was the discussion regarding websites.

Our retail shop has a website, but the domain doesn't exactly fit the name of our shop. I did an instant domain check to see if there might be a domain name more in line with the name of our shop. We are going to revamp the whole site this year and I thought that maybe a domain change may be in order too.

We took a great deal of super important information from the seminar. What was really exciting was that each one of our group found different things that spoke to that person personally. We all had copious amounts of notes. When we talked on the ride home, it was revealed that each one of us has a gift or special knowledge or talent concerning one aspect of the retail shop. With those gifts more clearly defined, we all feel empowered to get our hands dirty and grow the business!


  1. I love conventions that are actualy worth going to. :) Nothing worse than coming home feeling like you wasted your time.

    So glad you got great info!

  2. A fun convention -- who'd have figured?


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