Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Film Challenge...

Today, in honor of the Academy Awards
I'm beginning a new game.

We start like this: I give you five facts about a film

1. the year the film was released
2. a character name, could be a major or minor character
3. a quote from the film, maybe an obscure quote
4. the studio that released the film
5. an actor in the film
From time to time, I may offer additional clues. 

You may leave your answers in the comments or email them to tilden@tildentalks.
 The first person to answer correctly will win nothing! 
But I will reveal the correct answer later in the day.

The clues for todays puzzle are:

 1. 1969
2. Col. Stonehill
3. "You can't serve papers on a rat, baby sister.
You gotta kill him or let him be. "
4. Paramount Pictures
5. John Fiedler

Answer for this puzzle:

godessmanda and Pegtraveller both got the correct answer early this morning.


  1. I need a movie from the 80's please. :)

    because honestly, I got nothing.

  2. :) I did okay with this one.... I think?

  3. Yay! Me too!
    But I'm 'l' ....not two...
    Good luck to everyone next week, too.

  4. Hey, I didn't know I was supposed to check your blog on Sunday! You ought to tell a person these things!


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