Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Wanna Be Like Jackie Onassis...

When I work at the greenhouses I wear prescription sunglasses. It's just too bright for me and without them I  cannot see a thing and I get a mild headache. I went looking for my sunglasses this afternoon. When I found them, the left lens kept falling out. I wore them anyway, but after the lens fell out about 20 times, I decided I might need new glasses frames.

We were planting teeny, tiny plugs about an inch high. I had to wear my regular glasses. They were good, but with the bright light and the missing lens, I developed quite an attitude. I really needed my sunglasses. I tried changing my position but the glare off my glasses was too much. I could barely see what I was doing.

I complained to Margaret and she went off to her car and brought back a huge pair of Jackie O like sunglasses. She handed them to me and told me to try them. I thanked her and said "Where'd you get these?" Marg said she found them in her car after lunch.I told her I had to wear my glasses or I couldn't see my work. She snatched them from me and put them on my face over my regular glasses.

I was astounded. I could actually see a lot better. After thanking her profusely, we got to work and quickly planted those plants and moved on to planting a bunch of hanging baskets.

We finished about 80 baskets when Karen came in. She seemed to be searching around for something. After a couple minutes she came down the aisle to me and Marg. As she came along she was looking under the benches and checking between trays. As she got to me she looked up and said "There's my glasses!"


  1. And I suppose she took them from you? Pft. Well, I guess it was nice of her to lose them in the first place.

  2. "And wear a pair of dark sunglasses"


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