Friday, February 18, 2011

Poor Colleen....

She's in a world of hurt.
She had four teeth out today and she is not feeling good at all.
I think the pain meds she was given made her ill. Mum said lay off those. After a freak out call to the dentist, we found out the only real worry is fever. He said everything else she is experiencing is to be expected.
Keep Colleen in your thoughts, it's going to be a bumpy night.


  1. Poor poor Colleenie - when Brit had her two wisdom teeth out, she was pretty bad for about 2 days, then she was much better. Ice packs did the trick for her. Feel better colleenie <3

  2. I had all 3 wisdom teeth out. They were all impacted. It was nothing compared to the infection I got afterwards from the pennicillian not working. :(

    Thinking good thoughts!

    PS love the new colors.:)

  3. Poor Colleen -- but the good news, once this pain goes away those nasty wisdom teeth will never bother her again!

  4. That does not sound like fun. Feel better Colleen!!!


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