Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whose Chicken Is It?

There's a rooster in the neighborhood. I know this because I can hear him all day long. At night he must roost somewhere, because he's quiet then.

I don't know if that noisy chicken is free range, lost or what. Sometimes I can hear him crow over there and sometimes I hear him over there. At any rate, he must be annoying the neighbors. I had a couple geese here one spring and they had to go because they bothered  the folks around me. Those geese would honk their heads off very early in the morning.

I think the noisy chicken should come over here. We would feed him. We would make him very welcome. We like chicken. We would find a nice place for him. First, in a pot, then on the supper table...


  1. That rooster is always here. You just arent up early enough to hear him every morning. Even though I cant see him and dont know where he lives I have named him Veronica.

  2. Roasted rooster with dumplings! Yum!

  3. I love the name Veronica, lol. But I prefer my rooster roasted... ;)


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