Thursday, February 3, 2011

Try These Fun Superbowl Recipes to Spice Up Your Party!

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Tam and I are planning a party for the big game and we've been scouring magazines and websites looking for the perfect Super Bowl Recipes.
Steel Curtain Shrimp Skewers are a sure crowd pleaser! Whip together a quick marinade of rum, lime juice, mint and shallot and swim your shrimp in it overnight. When your guests arrive, slide the shrimps on skewers an saute. Voila! A quick, tasty, citrus-y appetizer. This dish not only smells and tastes great, it displays nicely and cleans up in a jiffy.
We got two of the girls to blast together the Tailgate Tacos. In no time they had shredded cooked chicken and simmered it in BBQ sauce and layered that with mozzarella, cheddar, avocado,tomato, sour cream and jalapeno, all atop tortilla chips. We all raved and the girls were quite proud of themselves.
The Steak Nachos were my favorite. I marinated the steak last night in a citrus marinade. I took it over to Tam's and we grilled it up and sliced it thin. We arranged it on a platter with tostadas we cut into triangles and briefly fried in hot oil. We added some guacamole, jack cheese and refried beans. It made a beautiful display and was more than tasty.
We didn't try the Pittsburg Popcorn only because we wanted a surprise for game day. Check out the videos and follow the link for more quick videos showing you how to make snacks that are quick, easy and tasty, with ingredients that are easy to find at your market.

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