Monday, February 7, 2011

New Snow Boots: The Key to a Brand New Scene...

With all the snow around here of late, I've been tramping around and I've worn out my snow boots. Once the boots were wonderful. They were everything one wished for in a boot: great tread, warm and waterproof and terribly stylish. Today they are torn, cold, let water and snow in and are slick on the bottom. I fell on my arse more than once in January. I want new ones and I want 'em fast, there's more snow predicted for later in the week.

Tammy has sorel boots that she likes very much. I tried them on and found them quite satisfactory. While being comfy and warm, they are also waterproof and ready to take me snowmobiling or to the slopes or just through my yard to feed the rabbits. But what I really want is for them to take me on a vacation. I would prefer to jet off to a sunny location, but with spring so far off, I'm afraid my body would react violently to sun, sand or temperatures over freezing.

When I talked to Mike today, he was checking out Utah Ski Resorts. A new pair of boots would fit right in on the slopes of Brighton or Alta. Mike skis a few times a year, I go only once in a blue moon. The reason being, I spend more time tumbling down the slopes and retrieving my ski's than I do actually skiing. More than once I've run into the woods or put other skiers in danger. One doesn't make a lot of friends that way. But I am willing to give it another go. At the very least, I could tramp around Utah in my new boots, instead of Carver.

To tell the truth, I'm just in it for the change in scenery. Expensive scenery? Certainly. Well worth it? You bet!

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