Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs for Women and Men...

Regular readers of this blog know that Manda is a huge fan of Blue Sky scrubs. She's been very happy with the quality and workmanship that are built in to each product she buys. I'm impressed that all Blue Sky products are made right here in the United States. You can check out Blue Sky scrubs here:

Anyway, I was walking through Jordan the other day on the way to visit a friend who took a fall. I was in the elevator going up when the elevator stopped to take on more passengers. In walked a nurse wearing the nicest burnt orange scrubs. This woman had a fabulous tan and a great complexion. The color of her scrubs really showed off her tan nicely. I commented on her scrubs and asked if she didn't mind telling me where she got them. We introduced ourselves. The lovely nurse's name was Jackie and she told me she got her fabulous scrubs from Blue Sky!

We had a great chat. I told her Manda had been wearing Blue Sky for awhile and some of the nurses at Tobey were wearing them too. Nurse Jackie said lots of men and women at Jordan had followed her lead and dressed in Blue Sky too! We discussed the fine workmanship and I asked her if she had a  beaded lanyard. Jackie pulled a canvas one from her pocket and said "This will be replaced with a fabulous Capetown lanyard with beige and mocha beads, just as soon as the delivery guy gets to my house!"


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