Monday, August 1, 2011

Hawaii Real Estate - My Dream...

When my friends lived in Hawaii, I wanted very much to visit them. I didn't make it there. But Iv'e been perusing Hawaii real estate and owning a property in Hawaii isn't really that far of a stretch. There are some properties within my price range and I could actually buy one.

There are some factors to consider though. The first and most important is my friends have moved to Washington. I wouldn't be able to have them go out and check out the property for me or hang out with them if I went to Hawaii. So I would actually have to get on a plane and do the checking out myself. While not a bad idea, I would want to make it a vacation too. I would like to stay a couple weeks so I could check out more than just housing. Jobs and income would really have to be researched before I made the final decision to move to Hawaii.

Owning a home in Hawaii is within my reach. But I thought up two new questions: should my Hawaii home be a primary residence or a vacation home? Will you vacation with me or come for a visit if I get a home there?


  1. If you get that 'home' in Hawaii... I'll surely come for a visit... I've never been there you know.

  2. You'd like property in Washington better. Hawaii has sunshine and gets hot, you know. Nice gloomy gray skies can be had in NW Washington -- and all the rain your little heart desires. We have yet to have an 80 degree day this summer.


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