Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smile Generation- Help My Teeth Please!

My friend had three teeth out last week. The dentist told her there was no jaw bone left holding them in. I think I'm going to suffer the same fate. It's probably time to Find A Dentist. Since I love to eat and eating requires chewing and chewing requires teeth, it's time.

I remember as a child being terrified of the Dentist. The first one I ever went to was not very good with children and he not only scared the crap out of me, he was very mean to me as well. I remember sitting in the chair crying and calling for mother, who I could see through the doorway. The mean man did not allow her to come to my rescue. I give thanks for all of the dentists I've seen since then who were very good with people and never mean.

I'm in search of an affordable Family Dentist. I would really like to get into a practice that is run by a family. But if  I find a good fit at any sort of practice, I'll take a swing by and see if the Doctor can save my teeth from years of sheer neglect. On my part. Yes, shameful, I agree. And I am still a little scared. But the dentist I'm looking for will help me with that. I think it's called sodium pentothal.

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  1. I have a horrendous dental phobia. Somewhere on my blog is the whole tiresome story under (Ha) dental phobia.

    I have finally found a dentist who does not scare me, treats me very respectfully and understands why I am afraid.

    Would you be willing to drive to Oregon to visit the dentist? I know you'd like him.



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