Friday, August 19, 2011

Help! I'm Lost!

I went to work in Middleboro for Gretchen today. 
When I got out of the car I heard this sorrowful call.
 It sounded like our kitten Nelle when she realises shes alone.
I looked around for awhile and decided it was a bird. So I commenced opening the shop, setting out the sandwich board and the wagons full o' flowers we put outside the gate. I put out the flags and dragged out the hose to start watering. I heard the sorry call again. I went looking again.
I saw the tail end of a tiny cat slip under the perennials.
 I spent an hour searching and calling to him. I made Shawn come from Carver to help me find and catch him. 
We weren't able to and Shawn went home.
I was guilt ridden. I worried the tiny cat got into the street or crossed the street and I'd never find him.
I didn't cry but I wanted to.
Later the guy next door came by and I mentioned it to him. He said he'd seen the tiny cat and left food out.
I felt better. I told him if he caught the cat, I would take him.

We're home now. Safe and sound.


  1. He caught the kitty for you and you took him home..He's a cutie just as cute as Nelle.

  2. What a cutie! It found a good home.


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