Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Mayhem - It's August! Random News Stuff

Join Us for Monday MayhemWhy Be Normal?

I was told no two Mondays stay the same.
That there would be an 'inspirational' meme.
So I thought "Ha! I'm in!"

The rules are simple, answer some questions! Memes will be posted on Sunday afternoon. Join up on the weekly linky 
and be sure to visit the other participants.

So here is Monday Mayhem and the first day of August- 
That's something EVERYONE can agree on!

Today we are commenting on the headlines from the news.
Simply finish the news headline the way you find best.

1. 'Octomom': I Was Drugged - 
     I Thought They Were Pulling Teeth!

2. Apple has More Cash than the Federal Government -
     Why Don't We Borrow from Them?

3. Hustler Offers Casey Anthony $500K -
       For the Next Beaver Hunt!

4. Hugh Hefner and Runaway Bride Patch Things Up -
     Only to Head for Mexico!

5. Hot Weather Persists in Central United States -
     It's August, Who Knew?

6. Extremists Flocking to Facebook for Recruits -
     Where Else Would They Find Them?

7. Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week -
     And You Thought You Were Safe from That Crap!

8. So Who's Gonna Post this Thing Next Week?
     Maybe Meme, Maybe You!


  1. Seriously! A heatwave in the summer! Who would have thought?

  2. Good point about borrowing money from Apple.

    Thanks for playing


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