Monday, August 15, 2011

Green Technologies - Serious Solutions for Serious Problems...

My brother has been walking or riding a bike to work for years.Recently he purchased an electric car. He said he prefers to stay dry on the days it rains. My brother is committed to doing his part to find green solutions to everyday living. I would like to do the same and reduce the negative impact my family has on this planet.

I've been looking into Green Technology. I would love to be able to take my house off the grid and it's a project I've been thinking more about lately. Buying gas is killing me, not just the money I shell out at the pump, but from the results of burning gas in an internal combustion engine. I also contribute to carbon dioxide being released into the environment by using electricity that is generated in plants that burn coal, natural gas or oil.
Taking the house off the grid would mean spending money. The initial outlay would be substantial but not out of reach. In the long run I would be more conscious of how I use or misuse resources. By taking the house off the grid and spending less or no money on fossil fuels, would not only help my pocketbook, but show my neighbors and community that there would be no significant reduction in the quality of life here at home. It's time to get serious about reducing the negative impact humans have on our planet.

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  1. To take a house off grid and live in harmony with nature rather than creating serious environmental damage whilst maintaining one's quality of life is a fantastic and achievable dream. Sustainable, affordable technology exists but "Big Brother" wants to hold you hostage to the current system. The big conglomerates buy out any conceivable alternative to their money making machine in order to perpetuate their wealth then instead of developing it and producing it to benefit the masses and the planet, they bury it.


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