Monday, September 20, 2010

Q and A - Myrtle Beach and Golf...

It's a well known fact that Amoeba works a lot. It is also well known that he always works through "vacations". And everyone knows Quilly and I have been trying to get to a Myrtle Beach hotel for quite some time, and we want Amoeba to join us! Although it makes me sad, I understand why he declines. I understand the need for work.

But, Myrtle Beach is still calling my name. In my never ending search for great resorts in Myrtle Beach, I think I've found one that may tempt the ever diligent Amoeba. He plays a decent golf game and I would like to offer a challenge. If he agrees to meet me on one of the fabulous courses in the area, I will tee off from the mens tee, with one eye closed. If Amoeba shoots a better game than me, I will never hound him to suffer through a game of golf with me again. If I can manage to play a better game than Amoeba, he shall agree to relax for one whole afternoon.

I checked out golf packages at They offer some great 3, 4 and 6 round packages on courses designed by great champs of the game. There are so many great courses to choose from, I think I'll let Amoeba make the call on where we play. That's if I can get him to agree to the challenge.


  1. Can I go? Pick me, pick me, pick me! Been there before, I remember sitting on the balcony and watching the sunrise. Oh, how I want to go back.

  2. Uhm, Tilden -- you know Amoeba will win that golf game, right? BUT, if you take long enough and play slowly enough, you'll win, too, because he'll have had his afternoon without work! Hehehehehe.


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