Monday, September 27, 2010

Waiting Rooms and Decent TV Programs...

I took my elderly neighbor to the doctor's office for some tests yesterday afternoon. As I lounged in the waiting room, I noticed a television, playing exceedingly lame infomercials extolling the virtues of one silly gadget after another. I can't help but think that channel was chosen by an obsessive shopper.

I wondered why the doctor hadn't signed on for Direct TV for hospitals. Setting aside the marvels of slapping choppers and music from eons ago, I can think of a myriad of delightful programs perfectly suited to people who wait in hospitals. While I already know how to chop without a silly gadget, I could use a primer on any subject covered by the Food network or a home improvement show.

Direct TV for lobby would have made the wait quite a pleasure. Standard installation is easy and done by trained professionals. An installer will provide state of the art equipment and up to 200 channels. Great pricing plans make the deal even more attractive. With access to local affiliates and national networks, breaking news is just a remote control click away. Doctors and hospital administrators should explore the specifics and request a quote to help them choose a package that will ease wait times in the office.

Waiting rooms and lobbies are perfectly suited to this kind of entertainment and the choice of programs is in the hands of the doctor or admin people. There are times when we all have to wait and a doctors office or hospital lobby can be the place people actually enjoy it.


  1. I think this may be great for me...ready to ditch my cable company and have been wanting to check out Direct TV. Thanks!


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