Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boardwalk Empire...

HBO's Boardwalk Empire slated to premier September 19.
The Author of this post is my pal Cheryl Martinez.
There are lots of new shows expected to hit this fall's tv lineup. I'm anxious to see Boardwalk Empire premiering on HBO. This is guaranteed to be the biggest thing since Sopranos.
Boardwalk Empire is similar to Sopranos in that it's based on the lives of gangsters. Of course, that means there are guns, girls, blood and, I'm sure, lots of foul language. But, this series is set in a different era. Boardwalk Empire takes us to Atlantic City during the 1920s. So for those of us who love a good gangster film, this show highlights where the Tony Montana's (Scarface) of our time come from.
Fresh out of World War, the country was looking for change and opportunity. As with any gangster looking to flip his luck, so were the likes of 'Nucky Johnson', the Boss, (Steve Buscemi) and 'Chalky White', leader of the African American community, (Michael K. Williams). Their hustle didn't include drugs (drugs had not yet evolved); these gangsters peddled booze that caused turf wars and murder.
The cast also includes Michael Pitt as 'Jimmy Darmody', World War I veteran and Nucky's protege, along with Kelly Macdonald portraying an Irish immigrant named 'Margaret Schroeder'.
Personally, I can't wait! On September 19, my satellite tv through TV By will be tuned in to the new fall tv show Boardwalk Empire complete with popcorn and cream soda (for nostalgia's sake)! I hope you'll be watching.


  1. Love Buscemi. If he's in it it'll likely be a premium show.

  2. I saw a the first episode and loved it! This show has some of my favorite actors and I've been looking forward to it.I suggest you check it out and be on the lookout for Kelly Macdonald, who never ceases to amaze me...


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