Monday, September 20, 2010

Ease Pain with Copper...

Last week, I was complaining to my friend Helen about the soreness and stiffness in my hands and wrists. After discussing the severity of the pain, she suggested I try handmade copper jewelry.

Helen showed me a very pretty bracelet she wears and explained to me her views on the healing powers of copper. She swears the copper bracelet has eased the pain in her hands. When I told her I loved the bracelet, she insisted I take it.

I've worn the bracelet for a week and I have to admit the pain has eased. It's not completely gone, but I have not had to use much over the counter medication to sooth my aches.

I've got my eye on a beautiful bracelet and necklace for Helen to replace the one she gave me. I think they are charming and I hope she will like them.


  1. What a nice friend! I love copper jewelry!

  2. Oh she sure would love them. I really like the bracelet, going to check this one out for myself. Thanks!


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