Friday, September 3, 2010

tell me what you think...

i got clothes to wear to the wedding
manda says no
they make me look gigantic
i said but i am gigantic

i really really want to wear my shorts and a shirt

this is my problem in my whole life
i worry about what other people think
and i dont want to be like that

the other day y Q posted about fear
well i guess i fear what people will say behind my back

isnt it better that i go somewhere
in clothes that are clean and in good repair
that i feel comfortable in
than to cave to what i perceive other people may think or say
to my face or my back?
would it be better if i wore clothes that i am uncomfortable in
that make me feel fat as shit? clothes that i dont like?

i want to go to the wedding and be comfortable
not be fussing with my neck or sweating my ass off
i want to have my stuff in my pockets
and not haul my work bag (my only bag)(that reeks of carnival food)
around all day for a camera and a pack o' butts and a phone?

everytime i go to a wedding
i see someone else who wears jeans or something really casual
and i think
next time i will be that person in my comfy clothes
but im still afraid

and i still dont want to cave

so i think i will wear my shorts and my shirt
and ill do one thing
one thing only
that i dont/wont/havent done for anyone else

i will shave my legs


  1. Yes, go with the 3 "S" moto! I like that. As long as you're not in old ripped sweats, you'll be fine. And just think, maybe instead of talking bad about you, they'll be saying "Damn, I wish I had worn something more comfortable, like her." -J

  2. Nancy -- you are not huge. Come stand next to me and say that you're huge. Also, clean and neat is good enough. Shirt with no spots, mended shorts. I am certain Linda would rather have you celebrate her wedding then mourn your clothing. Go dressed as yourself because that's who she loves -- and if any of those other guests give you crap, send them to me.

  3. Well in my humble opinion, I don't care what people say about me. That's theirs to deal with and not mine. People wanna talk behind my back...GO FOR IT!!! At least I'm a topic of conversation. I also firmly believe that you have to be yourself. When you are yourself all is well around you. Let 'em talk. Be comfy and do what YOU want to do. As Flo on the old Alice show would say: Kiss My Grits!!!!

  4. You go GIRL! love you. Jen

  5. You would have had a BLAST at MY wedding! We ALL wore blue jeans - even ME! It was sooooo casual! And a GREAT time! But I'm afraid that I do think that if it is a FANCY wedding, then fancy attire is required. You know... when in Rome... I don't think I would be worrying so much about what other people THOUGHT as what effect I might have on the couples wedding pictures. I guess I'm a player... *sigh*... sorry. I'm NO help!

  6. To be perfectly honest, you were yourself ... everyone was probably as jealous as I was that you had the balls to be JUST YOU!!! I caved to the "wedding clothes" and I was definately NOT comfortable!!! We should all have just been ourselves and not dressed to impress everyone else - kudos to you my friend!!!


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