Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Struggling with Math...

After all these years, I still have trouble with Math.

I was a lost cause in grade school and I just continued from there. It bothers me. I have to get the kids at work to do simple calculations for me. The kids have even tried to teach me. Sometimes I get it, but usually I just want to cry. I do not like having to ask a kid for Math answers.

High school was no better for me. I tanked when it came to Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Those sloping lines and quadratic equations were way over my head. I don't think my brain works that way. I may have been helped by online tutoring, if there was such a thing back in the day. I was just too shy and embarrassed to ask my teachers or classmates for help.

During my college years, the mystery of mathematics remained unsolved, for me at least. I also needed Chemistry help and Statistics help. It's a good thing I switched my major to Culinary Arts. There is some math involved in cooking, but I was able to manage with my very basic math skills.

Today, one can find Free math tutoring online. I just may check it out and see if it would help me. I' d love to be able to progress past simple arithmetic, multiplication and division. The kids at work would be relieved. I may even be able to teach them something!


  1. Free math tutoring online, this will be great for homework help!

  2. I was a cal. tutor in college... and I think my 8 year old son knows more math than I do now. -J

  3. A math tutor saved my bacon in college. Between her and the best math instructor in the world, I actually learned the stuff!

  4. Math stinks! Yet is is necessary I suppose...I had a very bad elementary school math teacher. He had no patience at all with us and liked to shout (not joking!) at the students. Did not help me foster any liking for his subject, even today :P


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