Thursday, January 6, 2011

Down Argentine Way...

A restaurant on the waterfront is hosting a wine dinner featuring wines from Argentina.

I don't know much about wine but I'm supposed to. Culinary school taught me, I didn't retain it. I did however, recognise all the food being served. And it looks good. The price is a little out of my range, but I could splurge.

Who wants to join me?


  1. Would love to join, but I'm also broke. Looks like I'm drinking Kool-aid with the kids that night. :(

  2. Me me me me me me! Ooooo! *raising hand and waving wildly!* Pick ME! We'll leave Ella at HOME!... okay... or not... but I'm puttin' her LEASH on her!

  3. I'll come! but I suppose if the price of a meal is a bit hard on your budget, plane fare is out of the question. Alas.

  4. Hey! I've eaten there! That's where we had D's 80th birthday party! I hope they turn up the lights just a bit for this dinner. It was way too dark in their to suit me!


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