Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ella is Still Talking...

... and she hasn't stopped!

She threw me a bone last night and let me have one of the pictures she took with my camera!

Where in the world did she get that snapshot?!

Melli, Ella says she's had enough adventure and is ready to come home. But first she has to collect all her stuff and pack it up, explain to me where she has been, where she took all these pictures and book a flight.

If anyone has a clue where Ella took this picture could you let me know? Even though she's talking she is still being kinda secretive!


  1. Was she in a church? I have no clue where that is!

  2. LOL! She is sO like me! She loves architectural beauty... what can I say? I'm sure she'll let you know eventually... well, she may WRITE you sometime in the future... after she's driven you CRAZY trying to find out! Like I said... she's like ME!


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