Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ella Resurfaces Again...

I woke at the crack of dawn to some serious clanging outside. I toss back the shade to see this:

Ella, dressed in the same clothes we last saw her in, politely requests a hot breakfast of cakes and syrup, eggs over easy, grilled ham and sausage and grits.
"Ella, this is Carver. We have cream of wheat, not grits! But more importantly, where have you been?" I demand.
Ella pauses and then, "First I eat. Then I talk."


  1. Oh my, I thought Ella went back to Melli long ago! Where has she been?

  2. I want that breakfast too, please! :D

  3. ELLA!!! WHEN are you coming HOME dear? WE have a new BABY I want you to meet! And bring me some hotcakes! And sausage! :)

  4. Ohh Ella, you're making me hungry. After your breakfast, my daughter would like to meet you.


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