Friday, January 28, 2011

Pictures Printed on Canvas - A Way to Keep Fond Memories...

Long ago, Tam's dad was a soldier in a far away land. He was scared and homesick. He left a wife and two small children, to fight a war halfway across the world. Tam's Mum was alone at base housing, far away from her husband and family too. Mum took a snapshot of the kids and sent it to Dad.

While Dad was on leave in an unknown city, he took the snapshot to a man who painted photos onto canvas. When it was finished, he paid the man and had the canvas shipped home to his own mother. When it arrived, Gramma opened the package and wept. The painting showed a scene of a lone soldier, walking in the sunrise. Above his head, within the clouds, were the faces of his two cherished children.The original snapshot was lost, but the canvas painting remains. Tam has taken photographs of the painting in an effort to preserve it for many more years to come. Today, she learned about canvas printing.

Tam is going to go full circle and have 3 square canvas prints made. One for her, one for her Dad and one for her brother. The original painting is more than 40 years old and quite fragile. Tam still wants to display the painting, but is concerned that the light and air will further age it. She wants to send the pictures she took and have them printed on canvas, which will keep the original idea intact, yet create whole new paintings.

Tam's brother wants to take pictures of their Mum and Dad, him and Tam and the five grandchildren and have a 3 panel canvas made. This he would like to present to Gramma on Mother's day. Stories and memories are very important to this close-knit family and this is one way to keep them close, for a long time to come.

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