Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Note to Self: Find Computer Repair Service...

I'm so tired of having no room in this house! Every closet and corner is filled with so much stuff I cannot stand it anymore. Even though it isn't quite yet spring, I started my spring cleaning today.

I began with the closets. No one will believe me when I say that I found boots Shawn wore in kindergarten. I found clothes the girls have not worn in a decade. A decade. Seriously, who keeps stuff that long? I'm ashamed to admit I found stuff that I forgot I even had. I found magazines from the '80's, wallpaper, old paint, and a hampster cage. A hampster hasn't lived here in a very long time. I do remember when that pet died. We had a funeral and buried him in the yard. I'm certain we did, really.

I finished up the closet project by tossing the offending objects out into the dooryard.

My next project was a massive pile of stuff in a corner of my living room. Digging through more magazines and a lot of papers, I found 17 permanent markers. Don't go buy one if you need one, I have plenty for you. The biggest surprise in that pile was the two CPU's I found. One had a note taped to it that read: "Find a reputable Computer Repair Service, there are more than 600 pictures in here you want." It's a good thing I attached that note, I was ready to fire that thing out the door when I first saw it.

I went to Manda and asked her when was the last time we used either of those computers. She indicated the one with the note and said,"That one we used in December, it has all of your vacation and holiday pictures on it." As I put it aside, she dragged out the other CPU. As she turned it around and around inspecting it, she let out a heavy sigh. "Is something wrong?" I asked. "No, No. Nothing wrong," she said. "I can't tell you the last time we used this one."
"Do you remember it?" I asked her. "Oh, I remember it all right," she says. "I bought this computer when I went away to school 9 years ago!"


  1. What was that CPU Manda went away to school with 9 years ago? Ancient, in any case. Glad you uncovered it now maybe it can go away to the right recycling place?

    Did you find a reputable computer repair guy? Would love to see those pics of vacation and holidays.....

  2. I just think it's hysterical that you put a note on it to tell yourself not to throw it away. Like your "past" you knew what your "future" you would be doing :)

  3. Keep cleaning. Maybe you'll find an extra bedroom you misplaced when the kids were little. :)

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