Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Guest post from: Steve Delaney

There is no more relaxing activity to do while watching satalite tv than knitting. Some people occupy themselves by eating while catching their favorite movie or sitcom. That divergence can add weight and other unpleasant health related issues. While knitting, on the other hand, is self occupying, calming and productive. Anyone can learn to knit.
Visiting any local craft store will be your first step in learning to knit. Your craft supply store will have books on knitting that give step by step instruction on how to hold the yarn, how to cast on a stitch, how to hold the needles and how to begin knitting. Learning to knit from beginner knitter's books is the simplest and less expensive way of learning to knit. It is actually much better and more efficient than paying someone to teach you how to knit. A book with illustrations can be copied as knitting is the simplest craft that looks absolutely complicated.
Don't forget that knitting was man's earliest cloth making invention. Imagine the great dames of castles as well as cottages sitting in front of great fires and joining yarns made from the coats of sheep, and you can have some idea of the history of knitting, a great way to spend the evening. The easiest and the most self satisfying craft is knitting that can be done by both women and men alike as well as children.

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