Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Check Out Daily Freebies!

My neighbor Sylvia is a die hard lottery player. She buys scratch tickets and plays the big games. Sylvia also enters a bunch of sweepstakes. It amazes me not only that she plays so many games, but that she wins. I questioned her about this today. I asked if she had a particular strategy and she said she did, but would never reveal it. I can understand that. If I had a winning strategy I would never tell either. One thing Sylvia did share however is the place she finds all the different sweepstakes she enters.

 Sylvia revealed this exciting tidbit: iWinnersAdvantage.com helps you find online and offline sweepstakes, contests, competitions, daily freebies and winning lottery numbers. I took a look and found exactly what Sylvia described. I'm pretty psyched about being able to go to one place to find all of the big game, jackpot information and daily numbers in one spot. And you can get this information for any state! iWinners Advantage also lists historical winning numbers too. I suspect Sylvia's strategy has something to do with the previous winning numbers. But like I said, she would not let me in on her secret. Sylvia said you can also find free giveaways at iWinners, things like hand lotion, cologne, pretty calenders, magazines and coupon booklets.

I did ask Sylvia one question. Just how much cash does she spend each day or week on all her lottery games and scratch offs. What she told me was excellent advice. Sylvia said that she never played until her 40th birthday when someone gave her a draw for the daily number. That number was her birth day and year. It hit for a few bucks. Since then, Sylvia has never used anything but her winnings to continue to play. Each time she wins, she saves 25%, she puts aside 10% to keep playing if she loses and she plays with the rest. In the 20 some odd years since her 40th birthday, Sylvia has won and saved enough to take a nice vacation every couple of years. She swears by iWinners Advantage. I think I might give it a try.

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