Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

We visited cleartvbundle.com and upgraded our internet speed. Now, I have been able to watch Netflix and stream it through my Blu-Ray player in the bedroom. I had no idea that I was going to enjoy it as much as I do. It is so much fun. They have tons of movies! Some of them I hadn’t ever even heard of but really enjoy. I love eighties movies- no matter how cheesey they are. One movie that I watched the other day that I never even heard of was the “Heathers”. It had Winonna Rider ( pre-jail days) and one actor that I am picturing and know his name, but can’t remember ( tip of the tongue thing!). Anyway, I was actually really surprised at how much I liked the movie. It was like “Mean Girls”, but Winonna started to murder other people with her boy toy. She didn’t want to, she was dragged into it, but then they become like Bonnie and Clyde. Then, she realizes how awful this guy is and he turns on her. I liked how Netflix suggested that I watch other movies like it!


  1. I used to really enjoy Netflix, before the Great Price Hike Escapade of 2011. Then I dropped them. Toying with the idea of going back seeing as we refuse to pay for super expensive cable...

  2. dude,netflix was so cheap for so long, people had no idea how good they had it... we pay like 22 bucks a month for unlimited streaming and two dvd's out at a time. not only is that way cheaper than cable but you can stream to any computer and a boatload of devices and the dvd turnaround is pretty quick. simply put netflix rocks! (member since 2005)

    1. but i also want to add, that depending on what you really want on your tv, satellite often offers better packages than cable, different channels and cool international programming. if cable isn't in your budget, try satellite.


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