Monday, March 12, 2012

Did Shane turn into a ZOMBIE?

Ok. I watched the whole episode of The Walikng Dead Last night in rapt attention. I just have one question.

Did Shane turn into a zombie?

If so, How? I don't remember him ever being scratched or bitten. I did see him get a little more crazy looking before he snapped Randal's neck. However, I don't know if this was just his psychotic behaviour manifesting as he was about to commit his latest dastardly deed.

If Shane did become a zombie, it happened very quickly, did it not? When Rick was crying over him after killing him in the field, there were some flashes of zombie like faces. Ricks' face? Shane's face? What the heck was that all about?

If you have an explanation, please leave a comment here on this blog. I am so confused! I'm also very sad at the loss of Dale. He was my favorite. But Darryl is quickly replacing him.


  1. Shane turned into a zombie because the "disease" is airborne. That is what the doctor at the CDC whispered to Rick before they left; that they were all actually infected. If anyone dies without significant brain trauma(Shane & Randal), they will become a zombie. As for what Shane saw right before he became a zombie, I have no clue, I'll have to watch it again.

    Hence the name of the show. They aren't talking about the zombies...

  2. I didn't remember the Doctor at the CDC telling Rick about the disease being airborne. I'll go back and check it out. And those flashes were what Shane saw before he zombie-fied, or was Rick saw as Shane zombie-fied?

    Well, now that I know this very important detail of the disease, it explains why people were getting kinda belligerent.

  3. They don't actually tell you in the show (yet) what the doctor whispered. That part comes from the who knows, I could be wrong! :)

  4. I believe it happened when he was on the bus and cutting his hand and wiping it where the zombies were licking.

  5. I think he turned becase the knife that Rick used to kill shane was also the same knife that he used to kill the walker po-po in the episode 18miles out i know he cleaners the blood off but mabey he didn't clean it good enough do the bateria of the virus got shives into his heart Wichita would result in him getting infected but also how fast he turned

  6. Or it could be that Shane hade been infected from all the blood he's been losing and all those open winds he's had. Mabey the airborne virus had seppef into his blood and started to eat away at him from the inside and that would explain why he kept dulling and hitting himself and having cyco moments of bi ploar rage and why he would be sweating so much wile it wasn't even summer but he hadn't turned walker yet because his body was heathy enough to fight the virus but when he died the virus was free to do what it pleesad wich would be assilulatong his bodtly into the horde of walkers

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and information. This episode has stuck in my head since Sunday and there's a couple thoughts I can't get out of my head. One is the flashy images of Zombie after Rick killed Shane in the field. I just can't figure if the images were what Shane saw as he turned, or what Rick saw IN SHANE as Shane turned.
    The other is Darryl. He seems to be taking a more mature attitude to all the crap going on around him. He seems to be the most level headed and also the most affected by the disturbing events. He keeps his feelings quiet and to himself, but of all the people, he seems to be dealing with the situation the best of them all. Since we've determined that the virus is airborne, there is also the chance that some people will be immune. I think Darryl is one of them. He gets passionate, but he doesn't seem to lose his head.


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