Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trade Show Exhibits - Beauty and Function Go Hand in Hand...

Colleen and I spent this afternoon getting things together for two trade show exhibits. There's a lot to pack and she has a list a of things she needs to have available during the show. Aside from Colleen's personal items,we had to pack the literature, business cards and promotional items as well. We also had to get together the exhibits themselves. The exhibits have a small footprint and will be easy to transport.

The exhibit at the show is pretty impressive. There is a fabulous table top display with beautiful graphics that catch the eye and draw attention into the booth. I was impressed by the size of the display and it's portability. We set everything up in the garage just to make sure we had everything we needed. It packs and unpacks nicely and is easy for one person to set up alone.

We both loved the table covers imprinted with the company logo. They really jazz up the whole exhibit much nicer than just a plain table cloth. There were two different kinds. I liked the contoured covers and Colleen preferred the printed throws. Either one will do nicely, and Colleen can store the travel containers under the table during the show.

Neither of us realized there were a couple of super nice directors chairs included with the exhibit. The show is open for 12 hours, so a comfortable chair will be a welcome addition. These chairs also fold very nicely into a bag for travel.

After setting up the entire exhibits and then packing it up again, I wish I was able to go along and see the whole thing in action.

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