Thursday, March 22, 2012

Translation Services - A Must for International Businesses...

My friend RJ works for a big international firm with offices in Boston and London. They do business in many countries and although they have multi-lingual associates, I've often wondered what happens when important legal documents need to be sent to a non-English speaking country. One small mistake in translation could be disastrous. I asked RJ how his firm handles situations where they need to have associates in say France or Dubai, read through documents in their native language.

Rj explained to me that his firm uses a translation service in London that provides interpreting and translation to corporations worldwide. The translation service also has offices in Paris, Shanghai, Luxembourg and New York. Translations can be done for every world language, as well as many rare languages. The service can also certify, notarise or legalise a document so it can be used for legal purposes.

Think about it: people go to university to study languages all the time. We wonder what would a person do with such an education? Well, a translation service is the answer. I know a girl from Russia, Katya, who speaks five languages. She is has actually studied and become fluent in all five languages. That's so amazing to me. Right now Katya is pursuing a degree in business. After talking to RJ, I asked her if she has ever considered working for a translation service. She has has worked for a translation service in the past. She wants another degree so she can be even more attractive to a bigger international company.

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