Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catchwords 2...

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Just this morning I saw a piccolo on a desk in the office. Wondering if it could be the magic piccolo, I rushed back to my shed to get the brochures from The Magic Piccolo Co. If it is magic, maybe I could use it to put a decency spell on that elf. After his lecherous encounter with the milkmaid, a rumor surfaced that her beau had run the elf over with the hay wagon. Since they lack any real evidence, management and security have decided to open a formal investigation. Getting that bad tempered elf to acquiesce to an interview will be difficult. I wish that management would refrain from hiring unregulated elves off the street. Nothing good can come of it.

Each week 5 words will be listed. Your mission is to string those words together with other words of your choosing to fashion into a sentence, several sentences, a paragraph, several paragraphs, a poem, or even a short story.

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  1. I love this! This is wonderful! Did you go sign my linky thingy and read Kelley's? I know she'd come read yours. No one else is playing with us.

    Now I see why you don't want me to stop posting Catchwords!


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