Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Dozen...

Random Dozen comes to you from Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee

A little late but here it is!

1. Please share one middle school memory. It can be good, bad, ugly, funny. Pictures or words, I don’t care, just share.

My junior high was remodeled during my seventh grade year.So, we had split sessions at the high school. It was not cool. We went to school at noon, and we came home at 5:30. Too late to do anything after school, plus it was dark out. I lost my babysitting job.

2. What’s your favorite Beatles song?

Well, there are too many to list here. So let's just say this: my favorite Beatles record is Abbey Road. My favorite song by John Lennon is "The Ballad of John and Yoko". My favorite song by Paul McCartney is "I Saw Her Standing There". My favorite song by George Harrison (Lennon gets a writing credit here) is "Taxman". For Richard Starkey, I have no favorite.

3. If I asked you to describe your most comfortable outfit, what would it be?


4. Would you rather host a party or be a guest?

I would rather be a guest any day. If you are a guest you have the opportunity to NOT GO!

5. Do you think we will move completely from traditional books to digital ones, and if we do, are you OK with that?

I do not think there will be a move to all digital books ever. You can make a book without electricity. I think someday we may be without electricity but not a book in its traditional form. I would not be ok with all digital books.

6. Do you learn best by reading, listening or experiencing?

I need all of those things to learn.

7. If you are (or when you were) single, what is the kiss of death for you concerning the opposite sex? (That is, what is one trait or behavior or habit or anything at all that immediately turns you off from considering that person a potential match for you?)

Everything about either sex turns me off. I consider no one a potential match. And I do not want anyone considering me a potential match. And if Margaret says to me one more time... "How about so and so Nancy?" I'm going to stab her eyes with forks.

8. Snacks. Salty or sweet?

Salty - sweet - savory - sour. Anything is worthy of snack-ness for me. Even dinner, which is sometimes considered snack at my house.

9. Look around you in a four foot radius. What object is around you that you didn’t realize was there or forgot was there? How long has it been there?

I don't think there is any one thing. For the last 20 years, there has been a wave of shite that flows constantly through this house. Sometimes stuff surfaces and I see it and remember. Once I remember, I usually re-bury it or ditch it.

10. What is your favorite Tom Cruise movie?

"Stanley Kubrick:A Life in Pictures" (narrator) or "Far and Away" (lead).

11. You buy a bottle of shampoo and discover that you don’t like what it does to your hair at all. What do you do with that full bottle?

Use it until it's gone, throw away the bottle.

12. Your favorite Fall comfort food? (Last week it was beverage.)

Turkey dinner with all the fixin's.


  1. No favorite for Ringo? LOL! But I liked him on Reading Railroad.

    Turkey dinner -- yum! I haven't had one in years.

  2. I had split sessions in high school because our scholl was so big. I had 1200 kids in my graduating class alone.


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