Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ruby Tuesday...

brought to you by Mary

I took alot of pictures at the greenhouses today.The mums are just cracking color. In a couple days they will be fabulous!
I'm intrigued by these pallets of peat, simply because I have no idea what they'll be used for. These three pallets aren't all of it either. There's a whole bunch more behind these. I'll ask tomorrow.
I found these cardinal flowers (lobelia cardinalis)
hanging tight with some black-eyed susans (rudbeckia)
and some others whose names I've forgotton.
Maybe the Amoeba knows...


  1. That reminds me! I gotta GET some mums! They are all in brilliant bloom down here... :)

  2. melli - ours are just coming in to color
    and we have some really nice colors too... i wish i could send a couple over to you...

  3. Maybe Amoeba knows -- but who's going to ask him? And when -- as he comes through the house from work just long enough to shower, grab his instruments and run to band? I call him on the phone when I want to talk to him.

  4. Okay -- I snagged him on his way through. He says, "Double Delphinium".

  5. Hi TeTe, those sure are pretty red flowers you have for RT.
    My dad used to use peat moss in his garden and potato patch as a sort of mulch. It is manufactured.
    Peat, real peat, is harvested from the peat bogs. It can be used for burning and heating just as coal and firewood. We saw a lot of those bogs in Scotland.

    Happy RT, I have one with an old RED Mercury convertible and a water theft.
    Nice reading you again. I scanned your meme, those are mostly too long for me. When I do them I just answer questions that I like or that people might like to read about.

  6. tilden, lovely RED photos. I think this is the first time I've visited you! Thanks for joining in Ruby Tuesday. I appreciate your participation! :)


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