Monday, September 28, 2009

Cats try to make you think they are so innocent...

Add Image Just a few minutes ago, our cat Travis came in for the night. She munched down some cat cereal and went to the girls bedroom door. Finding it closed, she roamed around on my bed, I assume looking for the dog. (Remember Penny?) I thought she might try to settle herself on my pillows, which I hate, but she found another place to flop..

I asked for one of the girls to come and remove her. I think shes too heavy for the top of a wire cage. And you can see Him, annoyed at that Travis would invite herself over like this. He had actually gone to bed, but got up to complain.

So, here is Colleen, come to remove the offending cat. Him smoothed himself, sang his anxious song, and went back to bed.


  1. I am surprised that bird didn't have a nervous breakdown! I'm pretty sure I would have.

  2. Right, Quilly. Birds try to make you think they're so in control.

  3. My mom had a cat and a couple of birds. She was cleaning the bird cage one day and thought she had the cat penned in another room. She didn't. One of the birds died from a heart attack.

  4. If cats and birds can't get along how will people ever get along?

  5. Yeah and after Travis was moved off her lovely bed of the bird cage she came and slept on top of me until I couldnt see and made her sleep on her blanket.


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