Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

From Quilly and Barbara

Looking this over, I think folks might get the impression I had a crummy experience as a child. But, that is not the case. There were people, (Dad, Linda, Peggie and Bruce) who cared for me and made me happy. There were things I did that didn't make it into this meme simply because the proper questions were not asked...In truth, like other childhoods, some of it stunk, some of it was good!

Who was your first “best friend”?

1st grade - Tammy Anderson, blond hair, blue eyes... we played Jackson 5 music in her driveway and danced around

What was your most memorable birthday as a child?

I think I was 4 or 5, I wanted to send birthday invites to the kids down the street. I got paper and pencil and realised as I put pencil to paper, I did not know how to write. I was crushed. I had the desire but not the knowledge. Later that day, they put me up at the dining room table. They put a cake with burning candles in front of me. They sang Happy Birthday. I was mortified. Everyone was looking at me. Even after I cried they kept singing and looking. Even after I became hysterical and crawled under the table, they kept singing and looking. They dragged me out from the table and laughed in my face. I was traumatised. I have hated birthdays, parties, cakes and singing the song ever since. And I am not lying or joking. I am as serious as an acute myocardial infarction.

Who was your first “crush”?
2nd grade - Donald Knapp

Where was the best vacation your family took as a child?

We did not go on vacations. My dad travelled for business alot, so we went to the airport alot. However, I do have a vague memory of being at the top of a very high hill, with a green carpet spread out before me. My dad was holding me up. I said, incdicating the green carpet, Dad,I want to walk there. He said, That's all trees, we cant walk on top of trees! From photos and what I have gathered from my oldest brother Bruce, we were at the summit of Mt Washington in New Hampshire.

What was your favorite pastime as a child?

Hanging with Dad.

When did you learn to ride a two-wheel bike?

Got on. Fell off. Got on. Fell off. Many times. It was in the driveway of the only house I remember us all living in together. The bike was too big for me. The driveway was sandy/rocky and very long and sraight. I remember my brother Jonathon helping me on a time or two. He tired of that quickly and said Figure it out! I used a step after that. I think I was 5.

What is your most traumatic memory as a child?

Three things:
  • The breakup of our family. I remember very little.
  • My sister Peggie recalls a story concerning grandparents,a locked door, a broken nose and a basset hound. I was very young, she was an older teenager. Although we remember the same day and certain details, her memories differ quite a bit from mine.
  • Anything to do with my mother's absolutely vile, disgusting, worthless boyfriend, who she favored over her own children.

What age did you learn to swim?

Age 7 - Minot Beach - Barnacle Rock.

What smell automatically takes you back to your childhood?
Pipe tobacco, WD - 40, the smell of electronics and honey dips.

What was your first pet?

Gertrude is the first I remember and knew well. There were others before her that I don't recall. She was the best dog a kid could have. She had her own chair.

Who impacted your life as a child?

My mother's absolutely vile and disgusting, worthless boyfriend, who she favored over her own children.

What is the most exciting Christmas gift you received as a child?

I don't really remember Christmas. Once I got a bear. Once I got a Karen Carpenter record. That's all I remember.

Who was the neighborhood bully when you were growing up?

Not in the neighborhood, but at school. His name was Greg Murphy. Hated him. He was relentless.

Who was your best friend as a teenager?

I don't think I had one. By then, I was pretty withdrawn. I still hung out and had friends and stuff. I was just not that close to anyone, at all.

What is the first car you can remember your family owning?

A VW Microbus.

What was the first award you ever received?

I never recieved an award.

What is the name of the first sports team you played on?

I never played sports. Not even in gym. I found a way to get out of it every time. And I mean EVERY TIME.


  1. You know, I could have used some input on how to get out the sports thing. There were a few sports I joined in voluntarily, but I'd have done just about anything in the world to get out of basketball, tennis and touch foot ball.

    Church Lady also did this meme. You can find her on my sidebar.

  2. I wish I could have gotten out of PE. It was my valley of humiliation most years.

    My family broke up when I was 15, and it was traumatic for me, too. I don't know why that didn't come to mind when I did the meme.

    This meme triggered a lot of other childhood memories for me, too. I'm thinking I should write them down while they're still floating around in my head.


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