Monday, April 12, 2010

Blast from the Past...

I found these snapshots while digging through a box that came from my Nana's house. The one on the right is my mother, sister and brother in June, 1955. That would make my sister about 4 1/2 and my brother about 2 1/2. Mother was 25. This was before the twins, who arrived in '58 and me. I was born in '62.

To me, my mother looks strange. Not bad strange, just not what I remember her looking like. Here, she seems to be smiling, happy even. I remember her as worn out, tired and somewhat grumpy. I guess that's what 5 kids in 11 years does to a lady.

The little boy on the left, is the same little boy from the other picture. He was the first male grandchild on both sides. That made him a bit of a star. I'm not certain how well he held that position throughout his lifetime, but at 2, he definitely was a charmer...


  1. I love looking at old pics. That house looks like a great place to live and the yard looks like a wonderful place to play.

    And that two year old looks like he might have a bit of mischief in him.

  2. What great photos. :) I love looking at old photos like that :)


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