Monday, April 5, 2010

Mustang's Are Forever...

About three years ago I took a trip to San Diego to visit my brother, Percy. He collected me at the airport in his Ford F-150.Even though I had brand new clothes and shoes on, Percy made me sit on a towel. I asked him how often he had the truck detailed. Percy glared and told me he didn't need to detail the truck because he never let it get dirty. To prove this, we went to a car wash on the way to his house.

As we left the car wash, we traveled a short distance and took our place in line in a traffic jam. As we chatted, we noticed a little old lady in an ancient Mustang, pulled over on the side of the road. Percy pulled off the road in front of her and we went to investigate. The Mustang's radiator was boiling over and Mrs. Mustang was behind the wheel in tears. Percy introduced himself and offered to assist her.

Mrs. Mustang explained that her husband had passed away recently and that Mr. Mustang loved the car and kept it up very well over the years. Mrs. Mustang told Percy that she didn't know anything about car maintenance, or where her husband had taken it to be serviced. Percy told her he would be very happy to help her and called for a tow.

Percy and I waited with Mrs. Mustang for the tow truck. Percy told Mrs. Mustang he would help her find San Diego auto repair. He wipped out his laptop and consulted an auto shop directory. In no time Percy had located a shop close to Mrs. Mustangs house and assured her we would stay with her until the tow truck came. While we waited, I called Mrs. Mustang’s daughter and arranged for her to come and meet her Mum and go with her to the repair shop.

A half hour later, Percy and I were on our way again. We resumed our chat and decided we would ride to the beach and check out the surf. While we drove we discussed our plans for my visit and which sights I was interested in. I said I would really like to drive around and see some of the country there. That’s when the check engine light came on.


  1. No good deed goes unpunished. Was the pick up in the shop for your whole visit?

  2. Poor thing. That is just too funny that they are both Fords. It was nice of you both to help. :) Hope the truck and the pony got fixed promptly :)

  3. Oh no! I want to hear "the rest of the story".


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