Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Thinks...

I ganked this meme from Quilly, who ripped it from Cherie.

The idea is to list 10 things – right off the top of your head – that we would only know about you if we knew you really well. 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don’t go for deep. Go for quirky. Don’t try to put them in any kind of order and don’t make them long. Just start typing.

I cannot sleep without light or television.

I absolutely hate working in the service industry, people piss me off.

When I was a kid, I was a total freak and had like 2 friends.
Nothing has changed.

When I went to visit Quilly and Amoeba last summer,
I missed my dog.

I have a brother I have not spoken to in like 15 years, for no reason.

I've been watching Big Love and Breaking Bad since their very first episodes and I think they are the best shows on television.

I don't care for Dancing with the Stars or American Idol.

My house is a total of 596 square feet ( not a typo) and I live here with three other people, a dog, a cat and two birds. And we keep seven rabbits outdoors.

My two friends Margaret and Tammy are waaaaaay nicer than I am.

I really, really, really want to visit Disney World again.

( it took me 6 minutes to think of these things)


  1. I can't sleep without the TV going either. I love DWTS. Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance? It puts DWTS to shame....LOL. Margaret and Tammy waaaay nicer... pfffft. Well done :)

  2. Consider me impressed that all of you live in that house, and y'all haven't killed each other. On the other hand, I don't know if you used to have other people living with you. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


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