Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Muppet Central

Guest Poster Whitney James talks to us about one of my favorite subjects, Television!

During my usual search on Clear Internet for sites about my favorite group of puppets, I came across a place called Muppet Central. I have to admit, the bright colors and happy looking faces on the graphics pulled me in, and I felt compelled to explore. Plus I love watching reruns of the Muppets on my Direct TV.

It was an absolute dream! There were so many things to look at I simply didn't know where to start. For one thing, this place has interviews with the puppeteers behind the Muppets, the latest news for fans to keep up with, a calendar to keep track of any products being released, and so much more. I was also impressed and excited with the fact that they have a radio station to listen to. Imagine treating your ears to the old songs from Sesame Street while you work on the computer!
As if that wasn't enough, there is a forum in which you can talk with fellow Muppet enthusiasts. It doesn't appear to be updated that much, but from what I can see, that doesn't stop the fans from talking so feverishly and passionately about their chosen hobby.

I could easily spend at least an hour on there without realizing so much time has passed. So now I have the ability to enjoy the Muppets from my TV and Internet , which is really fun.I have to say, this is an excellent and fun place to visit, even if you aren't really sure just what a Muppet is. This site will convert you, I can almost guarantee it. Once I'd logged off I couldn't wait to come back later for more!

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  1. I love the Muppets. I hear they are back in production. any truth to that? I doubt Henson has been resurrected.


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