Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - April 13, 2010 **UPDATE**


This is an interesting piece of machinery.
Does anyone know what it is used for?

This is a bog sander.
In the winter, when the cranberry bog is covered over with ice, the farmer fills this funky buggy with clean sand and runs it back and forth across the ice,
covering it with a nice layer of sand.
In the spring, when the ice melts, the sand sifts down between
the cranberry vines,
stimulating new growth.
Behind the driver's seat, there is a screen, which catches rocks or other unwanted matter.Under the screen is the box for the sand. Sanding generally takes place in January or February,
or whenever the ice is thick enough to support the buggy.
The farmer tries to sand very quickly so he doesn't freeze his ass off.
There are ditches all around the edges of the bog, and if the driver gets too close, he could drop the sander in the ditch. Once a sander goes in a ditch, you need the loader to get it out.
You can see a bog sander in action here:
Bog Sanding

Hint: If the driver isn't careful, he could drop the machine in a ditch!
Stop in tomorrow for the answer!

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  1. You know I have seen this before..I just can't put my mind on where. is it for moving Bails of hay?
    Happy RT

  2. Yeah right it would be more a hard work. Happy Tuesday!


  3. Is it for mowing the sides of country roads? Or perhaps keeping the weeds out of the ditches?

  4. It's cool whatever it is. It looks like some sort of harvesting machine to me :)

  5. How cool! Thanks for the update. I NEVER would have guessed that!


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